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            Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our environmental product line consisting of the latest developments in the Indoor Environmental Quality Industry.

             Collom Enterprises Inc., founded May 1, 1992 is a premier worldwide provider of advanced products and equipment to the Indoor Environmental Quality Industry.  We are currently serving Collom® Distributors and Customers in more than 32 countries from our Headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

             The Collom® Trademark and our range of high-tech products are recognized as market leaders and symbols of superior quality around the world.

             Our primary customers are environmental consultants, HVAC contractors, asbestos abatement contractors, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specialists such as commercial & residential duct cleaners and mold remediation companies.

             Other customers include Health Inspectors, US Navy, US Army, the Cruise Line Industry, and Government agencies in Asia, North, Central & South America, The Middle East and the European Union.

             Our training & certification programs are developed to enhance the knowledge to contracting companies that are adding Indoor Environmental Quality Services to their current operations.  These tailor made programs are based on over ten (10) years of experience of successfully solving various IAQ problems in thousands of buildings and ships around the world.

             Please take your time to explore our website, look at the variety of products and training programs and let us know if you are interested to find out more on pricing etc. by e-mailing us at


Again, thank you for your interest.

Goran B Andersson
Goran B. Andersson

Mission Statement

The mission of the worldwide Collom® group of companies is to improve the Indoor Air Environment and Subsequently the health of individuals by developing and distributing advanced products & services for cleaning and maintaining hygienic conditions in ventilation systems.


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